Sunday, May 29, 2011

custom cakes and goodies: baby shower and star wars

Hello kids, just a quick update on what I've been up to lately. I had a lot of fun making these cakes for some friends. First up is a deliciously geeky Star Wars Lego cake for the biggest Lego fan I have ever known. I wasn't really sure how the little guys were going to turn out but they looked pretty good in the end. Though their hands were kind of a pain to small!

It took me a couple of tries to get little Darth's head right, but somehow it didn't seem to even matter to the birthday boy because it was eaten up in 2.5 seconds. I guess that's a good thing! I cut this recipe in half for a 6" layer cake and filled it with chocolate buttercream.

I also made a cute baby shower cake where the theme was ducks with yellow and green colours. I love the baby's face and the tiny bottle! The cake was lemon with whipped cream filling and fresh raspberries.

Can't wait to show you more new cakes!


  1. The shower cake was SUCH a success! Everyone there was really REALLY impressed! They even saved the baby! You did such a lovely job, thanks again!

  2. darth vader. creation: 2 hours. destruction: 2 seconds in matthew's hands. this was the best cake ever.

  3. Hey!! Such an amazing royal tea party. The cupcakes are looking so delicious. Want to try these ideas for my tea party too especially the union jack cakes. Have planned to arrange a tea party at one of Chicago event venues. Definitely the invitees will love the menu. Thanks for this amazing post.


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