Monday, March 26, 2012

custom cakes and goodies: star wars and lego cakes

Phew! It's been a busy week and it's going to be even busier for the next couple of weeks. I loved working on these Lego and Star Wars cakes. I had made the Yoda cake a while ago but hadn't come around to posting it. I gotta say, I was worried about making the little guy but I think it turned out quite nicely in the end. The other cake was for a little boy turning nine with a passion for Lego. I had some previous practice with this cake, but the whole brick cake was new to me.

I really enjoy creating custom cakes, but the only down side is that it leaves me with less time to bake for my family and friends. I'm really hoping that I'll get to try out some new recipes and designs for Easter.

One of the traditions in our house is making a special sweet Easter bread similar to Challah. My mum makes some every year but I've actually never been able to help her with it. However, if all goes well this year, I've put aside some time to make it with her. I think my little niece will even get to help out. I love Easter and all its yummy treats! And with the sunny weather we've been getting it's probably going to be a really nice weekend. But for now, I hope you'll enjoy these sweet cakes.

What do you like to make for Easter? Any family traditions?

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