Monday, April 18, 2011

custom cakes and goodies: engagement cake


I know, I'm a terrible person. Here I am telling people about my blog when I haven't even had a new post in such a long time. But I've been busy making things that I just haven't actually had time to post any of them. Also, a lot of other things have been keeping me busy lately, such as the eternal search for a new apartment and family matters. But no, that's not an excuse for forgetting about my little bloggy.  

Actually, I haven't forgotten about it. In fact I think about it all the time; at home, at work, in the car, at the grocery store. Oh yes, I even dream about pastries. It's endless! And quite frankly, a little tiring at times, but I love it. I think when it comes to the point where something consumes your every thought in a positive way, it's something that you must be passionate about. That's how I feel about pastries and I hope that it will continue for a long time.

These are some samples of what's been keeping me running around lately. The first is an elegant cake for an engagement party covered in a dusty rose fondant and vines of lilies of the valley. Simple and beautiful, although those flowers are kind of a pain in the butt. They're very easy to make but so tiny to hold that they kept falling out of my hand.
I also made some chocolate cupcakes filled with white chocolate ganache for a friend's baby shower. The colour scheme was brown, green and light blue. They looked quite cute with the italian meringue icing and everyone seemed to like them. Cupcakes always make people happy! No recipe today but some visual entertainment instead. I promise I'll post an actual recipe this week, please still love me.


  1. Incredible! Everything is so perfect!!<3 *_*

    I concur, we should have the exchange soon!! next week is going to be easy breezy for me as well as (after) the first week of may. omg it's already almost may, where the heck is summer!??


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